Confident Cactus: Fresh Nopal Cactus

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Confident Cactus: Fresh Nopal Cactus Soap

This soap is made from Nopal Cactus that was sustainably grown on the island of Oʻahu (from my own garden!)  If you like smooth, creamy soaps with tons of hydrating lather, you'll love this soap. 

We make our soaps with natural Hawaiian seawater.  The seawater acts as an oil in the soap, making it creamy, rich in lather and palm oil free. 


Sage. Black Pepper. Confident Cactus has a musky, earthy scent reminiscent of the desert.

Featured Ingredients

Fresh Nopal Cactus. 


Confident Cactus is a rich and creamy soap made with Nopal Cactus. Nopal Cactus is loaded with vitamin E, which helps with collagen production that keeps skin looking young and vibrant. This soap contains beneficial electrolytes that lock in moisture to repair skin damage from the sun and other elements. Saltwater pulls out toxins and purifies the skin, leaving it hydrated and smooth.


Fresh Nopal Cactus, natural Hawaiian ocean water, sodium hydroxide, olive oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, castor oil, essential oil fragrance, poppy seeds, grapefruit seed oil.