Our Mission

At Freckleface Soaps we aim to make the highest quality bath and body products that will nourish, replenish and lift the spirit.

Here in Hawaiʻi we are blessed by the sun. We enjoy time outdoors, and our skin and hair need a little extra care. This is why we make our products with intention, using ingredients from the island, such as saltwater, eucalyptus, cactus and seaweed.

Our products are palm oil free, plastic free and sulfate free, and they are scented with natural essential oils.


Our Story

Aloha! I'm Trish, Freckleface and owner of Freckleface Soaps.  I live on the island of Oʻahu with my husband, son, and super cuddly miniature pinscher, Marley.  I love being in nature, making all kinds of things and figuring out how things work. 

​ My love for making soap began when my son and I wanted to find out how soap is made. Little did we know that there are quite a few materials and ingredients needed to make a quality bar of soap. This little experiment turned into quite an investment.  Luckily, I was hooked and ready to take it to the next level. 

Frecklface Soaps was established in September 2021, and since then, I've made thousands of bars of soap and expanded our line to include shampoo and conditioner bars, lip balm, deodorant and bath bombs.

I make all of our products in small batch because quality is important to me. Many of our ingredients, such as cactus, seawater, eucalyptus and seaweed, are collected and processed by me.

When I am making one of our products, I think about how it will bring nourishment and joy to the person using it, and that makes me happy.

About Us
About Us