Limu Līpoa: Seaweed and Mango Butter

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Limu Līpoa: Seaweed and Mango Butter Soap

Our Limu Lipoa soap is made from fresh seaweed, which has been hand collected sustainably from Hawaiʻi's Pacific Ocean.  

We make our soaps with natural Hawaiian seawater.  The seawater acts as an oil in the soap, making it creamy, rich in lather and palm oil free. 


Limu Līpoa seaweed naturally smells of evergreens and saltwater.    This soap has a crisp, musky scent that will remind you of a peaceful seaside. 

Featured Ingredients  

Limu Līpoa (fresh Hawaiian seaweed) and mango butter. 


 Limu Līpoa is a seaweed found in Hawaiian waters. Seaweed provides countless benefits for your skin. Not only does it exfoliate dead skin cells, but it also contains vitamins E and B, which help soothe the skin.  Additionally, seaweed has amino acids that keep your skin looking young and healthy. It works as a humectant and pulls in moisture to your skin. Because this soap contains mango butter, it is a smart choice for all skin types. Mango butter contains vitamin C, which strengthens skin. This soap is moisturizing, cleansing and gentle. Saltwater helps to purify the skin, leaving it hydrated and smooth.


Natural Hawaiian ocean water, sodium hydroxide, olive oil, coconut oil, mango butter, sweet almond oil, castor oil, dictyopteris plagiogramma (Limu Līpoa seaweed), essential oil fragrance.